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At Daly Development & Dezigns We specialize in creating responsive, scalable web applications that can be viewed consistently across any device; whether it be a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

We utilize the most current technologies such as HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery (javascript) and PHP. The world of technology moves fast. We build web sites with the future in mind. Some of our development services include site analytics, content management systems (Wordpress), and e-commerce for small businesses.


Our focus is digital and print media!

We design a web site to be simple, unique, modern and fun. We believe these are the most important characteristics in creating a great user experience. We have extensive knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

On the print side we have the ability to create unique invitations for your next event. Some of our many services include logo creation, photo retouching, creation of wire frame/compositions and color consultations.

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About James Daly

James likes to call himself a born again computer nerd. He originally went to school for business administration at Framingham State University near Boston; but became interested in web development while working with content management systems and Adobe Dreamweaver as a program coordinator at UMASS Medical School. He began developing websites on his own and taught himself HTML, CSS and Javascript and then realized he wanted to pursue this as a career.

After moving to New York City in 2009, he decided to better himself by taking a Web development certificate course at NYU. After completing the certificate program, he landed a job as a front end developer working on websites for companies like Playboy, Baby Phat, Rocawear, and New Era caps. James then decided to contract for another small company and was there lead front end developer working on sites such as Special Olympics, American Society of Landscape Architectures, WellCare, and Mederma.

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About Daly Dezigns

Daly Dezigns is comprised of the husband and wife team; James and Danielle Daly, We are originally from the Boston area but now call New York City home. We specialize in affordable and unique web development/design and printed media (invitations, brochures, etc).

Our goal is to work with and support both other small businesses and individual customers. We want to provide a unique experience for our customer base by providing affordable development and design services. We can provide a large spectrum of services or we can be commissioned for small projects. We hope to build long lasting relationships with our customers and as technology and trends evolve over time; our vision is stay current and relevant and to help you or your business do the same.

James and Danielle currently live in Astoria, Queens with their dog Vincent. You can learn more about James and Danielle by clicking the links above.

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About Danielle Daly

Danielle has over 8 years of experience in the fashion industry. She has a BS in Fashion Design from Framingham State College. Danielle first started her career at TJX Companies as an Assistant Designer for Children’s clothing. This is where she began creating things with Adobe Illustrator and also learned the product development side, communicating with overseas partners on garment color and execution.

Danielle then moved to Maine where she was a designer for the Women's and Children’s clothing at LL Bean. It was here that she realized her true passion was on the production side and working with color. She was acknowledged for her superior color sense

Danielle and James then moved to NYC where Danielle currently works as a Senior Colorist for Macy's Merchandising Group for all of their Children’s Private Brands. However, she missed the creative part of design and using Illustrator. So, after creating invitations for a friends wedding, she decided to start a side business of designing invitations and other paper needs for special events. Danielle and James then decided to combine their skills to create Daly Dezigns.

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